5 Days to PSW: Travel/PSW Tools

The countdown has been on since long ago, but it is only just recently that it has begun to sink in that my flight leaves on Monday. For me, this is a trip that is a first in many ways but will of course be so much fun!

I wanted to share some of tools that I am using while traveling to help me go through it smoothly and to keep me sane when I actually get over there.

Photoshop World Official iPhone App

Not starting with the official Photoshop World iPhone App would be terrible! I love the official app, made by Shawn Welch that gives you full scheduling features to plan out your conference week. Lovely!


The free online service TripIt is just terrific. You just forward your confirmation emails to them and they automatically add it to your trip you are planning. This means that you always have the flight details with you by just logging onto TripIt.

They also have a mobile app for the iPhone but more on that below.

FlightTrack Pro and TripDeck

While the TripIt app works for checking your details, TripDeck allows you to fully manage your trip from your iPhone. Now syncing with TripIt, you have a perfect app to use on the iPhone to get to your trip information. It will also send you flight status through push notifications.

FlightTrack Pro is the app that will allow you to track your different flights. Imagine knowing that a connecting flight is cancelled before entering the first one! Someone coming to visit you that you need to pick up by plane? Add it and get real time flight info, including its position in the air.


Twitter is absolutely huge and there will be loads of twittering going on at Photoshop World so as an iPhone user, I have Tweetie on my phone to be able to tweet there as well from my iPhone. It has got a great UI and all the Twitter features.