A Look Into My News Reading Workflow

We all have our own way of reading news and keeping up with the latest in our industry and interest fields. I used to subscribe to tons of different sites in my RSS feed, until I noticed that it became far too much to deal with and it just sat there and gathered unread articles. You too? Thanks to the iPad and the Flipboard app, I now read more than I used to and don’t have to put up with the bad feeling of 1000s of unread items.

The select few sites that I want to subscribe to are placed in Google Reader. This makes for a solution that works in Flipboard but will be easily migrated if something better comes along, or if I can’t use Flipboard. Thanks to Flipboard I don’t actually have to read every article but can skim over the ones I like. This is what saves me time.

I know this is very iPad-focused, but it is my workflow for news and I suggest it to anyone that has an iPad, although it might just work fine for the iPhone too, given that Flipboard does have an iPhone app.