Back From Vacation

Panorama: Over Karlskrona

I just returned home after a little vacation away in a smaller city called Karlskrona here in Sweden, at the south-eastern coast. I had a generally great time with great weather. Not much more to it. I didn’t get to shoot as much as I thought I would and in the end, scrapped the idea of shooting much at all. I did get to shoot this panorama on my iPhone, stitched together using the great AutoStitch application. Incredible applications available on the iPhone for photographers.

On the note of the iPhone, I’m really happy to be able to soon get the iPhone 3GS. It is being released here in Sweden tomorrow (read this night) and I have had mine pre-ordered for a while and will get it shipped within 1-3 weeks after tomorrow (hopefully one week…). Telia Sonera (the carrier I’m with) simply made a pretty good deal to switch to the 3GS from the 3G.