Don’t Expect Everyone to Do Everything For You

Recently I have found myself complaining loudly (mostly on Twitter, but also cryptically on Facebook) that some people seem to expect that others do everything for them and that this way, they will still be as good as if they did it themselves.

Particularly in the world of school, I am finding more so now than ever before in my previous experiences, that people are lazier and more uninterested. Frankly, that astounds me. This is University and you are supposed to be studying a subject that you are truly interested in.

What surprises me even more is that the same people who a) are incapable of finding out the simplest piece of information about what is happening or coming up, b) find it impossible to keep track of deadlines and assignments and are constantly surprised to find that something is due tomorrow and c) seem utterly uninterested in the subject as a whole; are people with major goals in their lives and desires to reach senior positions.

My experience tells me that regardless of what you are talking about, be it studying, finding a job or doing your job— expecting someone else to do things for you is a sure way of not getting anywhere and failing miserably. Either way, compared to the minimal effort of being in control (which can reap tremendous benefits), it is not the path I would advise anyone to go down.

Ultimately, you create your own opportunities and the quicker you wake up from that dream, the quicker you can start creating some opportunities for yourself. Don’t for a second think however, that you become CEO of a company and not know what is going on.

End of rant.