Excited about Skype 5.0 Beta for Mac

Skype the other day announced the release of a brand new beta version of Skype 5.0 for the Mac, adding in a bunch of features that Windows users have been able to enjoy for quite a while now.

Group Video Calling

The feature I have been waiting hard for getting on the Mac since it was announced for Windows has been the group video calling. In my interest area is of course podcast recording and now being able to see video for everyone that is talking without requiring a different computer or virtual machine for each person.

Improved Interface

The rest new with Skype is mainly the new interface which I have to say that I like. I’ve never been a fan of the multi-window approach of previous Skype iterations and I do think this all-in-one window is a big improvement albeit on that will take some getting used to.

Below is a five minute video from Skype showing off the new features. Should you want to try yourself (which I highly recommend you do), you can download the beta from the Skype website.