First Episode of the Designer Roundtable Podcast

A couple of months ago me and my friends Firgs, Janine Smith and A.J. Wood decided to start a brand new podcast in a field which we felt were lacking a good one. The result is here and after many weeks in preparation and scheduling we are proud to bring you the very first episode of the Designer Roundtable Podcast, a roundtable discussion between us on the topics of design, business and freelance and we would love for you to come chat with us!

Today is a big day for us as the first ever episode is released and you can go ahead and tune in to it right on the DRT Podcast website. In this episode we are talking about how it is being your own boss and share our personal experiences as well as give some tips.

As the show is brand new, we are still waiting for the iTunes folks to approve the show but when they do we will be right there in iTunes for you to subscribe and never miss out on a show. If you use another podcaster, here is the feed.

Alright, I won’t keep you here any longer. Head over to the site now and tune in to the first episode.