Guest Lecture on “Web Analytics in Entrepreneurship” at the Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of being a guest lecturer in the course Entrepreneurship at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. To fit in with the topic of the day which was metrics and analaytics, I wanted to give a primer into web analytics as it relates to entrepreneurship.

Why is it important? Not only will most entrepreneurs be using the web and digital campaigns as primary marketing tools when starting their company, and thus be well-served by understanding the fundamentals. Web Analytics is built on the same foundation as any business analysis and also serves as a great practical and introductory example of using an analytical mindset and lean framework which can then be extended to other parts of running a company.

I want to thank Dr Schäfer for inviting me to give the lecture and of course thank the great class. No lecture is better than its audience. If you are interested, the slides are available publicly online though I wasn’t manage to get a recording done of the lecture itself. I would definitely hope to give more lectures as part of university courses and in the entrepreneurship area.

(Thanks to Nicki Eirfeldt for the photo.)

Web Analytics in Entrepreneurship from Erik Bernskiöld