Musings on Expanding to Germany

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. As I mused over this January, it is something hard to just sit down and take the time.

Business-wise there are quite some things going on. Perhaps the most time and energy consuming thing is planning and realizing an expansion to Germany. The timing makes sense and the potential for refreshed websites seems rather good in Germany. And so, to the German market we go with a new website offer at XLD Studios and Bernskiold Media gets to come along for the ride.

When we developed the new site for the new direction that Bernskiold Media is taking we made it multilingual from the start and I very recently added German as a language on the site. For XLD Studios, this takes some more work as the Swedish and English sites need to be consolidated and refreshed, partly because of the new direction and positioning.

Apart from actually making the website changes there are the practicalities of an office address, a place to live in Frankfurt and getting trivialities such as bank accounts and phone numbers set up. Despite the great deal of work, it is fun and I am much looking forward to extending my travel to include many trips between Gothenburg and Frankfurt in the coming months.

Viel Spaß bis nächstes Mal!