My latest toy, the Rode Podcaster

My Office with the new Rode Podcaster (iPhone photo)

A couple of days ago now, UPS came with a large package for me, my latest new toy, the Rode Podcaster microphone. Okay, okay, so it isn’t just a new toy, it is a new asset to the company for better audio quality in the videos and now being able to produce more content for real, including training DVDs.

I really like the mic a lot. Unpacking first the stand, the shock mount and then the microphone, it felt like I just had a professional studio and it still does. Comparing the set-up to some of its competitor microphones, this looks much more professional.

While I haven’t had too much time to play around with the audio quality yet, I can tell you that it sounds pretty good from the tests I have made. The first recording, sounded better than with the previous mic, but I am sure as I tweak the settings,┬áthis will sound even better.