Nifty Mac Utility: Jiggler

JigglerSometimes I just want to leave my MacBook Pro working by itself, without falling asleep. Other times I want to lie down in my bed with me mac on the other side of it, used as a TV either watching real TV (shocker!) or podcasts.

Anyhow, the problem with this is that I have set my computer to automatically fall asleep after X amount of minutes without use. Normally, 95% of the time, this is my desired action, however there are the remaining 5% when I don’t want it to do that. Rather than going into my System Preferences and changing the setting that controls the time it takes before it goes asleep every time I want to make an exception (and then changing it back afterwards), I found a utility.

The utility is simple enough and called Jiggler. What it does is equally simple but nevertheless brilliant. The application, when launched, jiggles your mouse cursor at an interval which you can set yourself. The computer will think that it is being used and will not go to sleep, saving a lot of settings hassle while still giving you the desired result. Oh, the best part about Jiggler is that it is a free download!