On Being an Early Riser

“The Early Bird Catches the Worm”. This is just one of the many sayings about the importance of being early. If there’s one thing that studies commonly show about “successful people” it is that they tend to rise early.

Myself, I am a wannabe morning person. I’m not the one to sleep away the whole mornings, but I am also not the one to naturally get up really early. But I want to be.

Why is this you ask? It’s actually quite simple. You get ahead. Quickly. Just think about it. If you are up and start your day at 5am, you will have had time to catch up on the news, do some important work and be ready to tackle the rest of the world as it wakes up around 8-9am. It works because most people do not get up early, but if you do, you are already at an advantage to everyone else.

As uncomfortable as it may feel, a personal goal of mine is trying to be an early riser. At least a 6am start is where I want to end up. I also know that I am much more effective in the morning hours compared to late at night in general.

I’ll be the first to admit that it is a bit of a challenge, but improving is never easy and we all like a bit of a challenge once in a while, right? So we’ll just have to see in a few months: Have I become the early riser that I want to be?