On Business Success

In today’s startup/entrepreneurial world everyone is focused on “making it big” or achieving great success. This success is usually defined as “the next Google”. A company that is operating at a vast scale, with equally vast numbers in all kinds of metrics.

I often find that as a business owner, considerable judgement is placed in the amount of employees you have. It’s one of the first things that somebody inevitably asks, and if you state a low number, you can almost hear the interest vanish and doubt rising.

Why is this the case I wonder? Business success could be measured in many ways, but you are financially stable and are able to live a good life through your business, why is that not seen an excellent business? Too many startups and entrepreneurs fail to do this—ever.

In my case, I am perfectly for my business to remain small and agile, doing excellent work for really cool clients around the world and earning a great living doing so.

Scale is a necessity for many business models, but many overlook that small is also a viable business model, and that scaling to everyone isn’t a must for a highly successful business—even to earn a good deal of money.

So drop the thought that a huge scale is necessary and start looking for the high-earning niches that could earn you a lot of money if you want.