On Doing The Difficult Things

As I am writing this, the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of difficult decisions, meetings and events. Either one of these would put stress and wear on you, but added up together your mental energy is drained quicker than you think.

This had me reflecting on the past weeks events and on that topic, on being a director or business owner. One of the things you sign up for is the doing the difficult things, regardless.

We all have this in our lives in varying degrees. There are difficult things we just must do. But running a business, these uncomfortable situations creep up on you a lot more often.

At the same time as I was finding myself wishing these things would just vanish, I found myself realizing once more that it is the (uncomfortable) downside of a manager’s life.

I firmly believe that ways to mitigate this is make sure you have enough time off to relax, and hang out with friends who recharge you. When you are forced to make difficult decisions for days on end, you really need a break from it.

Because truthfully, there is no choice. The difficult things must be done whether you want to or not. There is no escaping them.