On Finding Peace and Quiet To Write

Writing is actually harder than I think we often give it credit. It is my firm belief that the more stressed we are, the lower are the chances of good writing getting done. Why? Because of stress.

Personally, I do my best writing when I am relaxed and have read or watched something interesting and related. The reason for this is that I am then inspired and my head has enough energy to process, think through and analyze. In this process my own ideas develop, causing me to feel a slight urgency to write about them.

Such peace and quiet sadly rarely enter my daily routine. As I am writing this very post, I am sitting in a hotel room in London (thanks Hilton for the upgrade to a junior suite) after attending an event yesterday. For the specific reason to get some writing done, I chose to stay on an extra couple of days.

In this way, I am trying to create a space that is disconnected from everything else and thus fake a little bit of extra peace and quiet in my mind. It works surprisingly well. Most writers I know do the same. They go away to write. Away to be with their minds.

So take the tip from myself, and many more successful writers than I throughout the history. Construct yourself some peace and quiet, whether by going to that nice café or traveling to some nice place where you are able to feel relaxed enough to release your thoughts on the world.