On Reaching Your Goals Faster By Writing Them Down

Did you make any new years resolutions this year? Many people have already given up on theirs. Partly because they forget them in the daily buzz, and partly because we give up too easily.

Most new years resolutions are about building a habit. If you don’t allow yourself to fail a few times on the process, you’re probably never going to succeed in changing.

For this reason, I always write yearly goals. It’s a semantic discussion what difference this is to a new years resolution. But that’s not the important point. The important thing is that I write them down.

For both my business and personal goals, I keep a note (stuck at the top in Evernote) with the goals I want to reach this year. I make sure to refer to it continuously to remind myself of the goals. Otherwise I know I’m going to forget.

But here is the fun fact. Even if you never ever refer back to this list of goals, you are still more likely to reach them after having written them down! Fascinating isn’t it?

I have another trick for you in how you write them down. Write your goals as though you have already reached them. For example: “I am working out 2 times a week” instead of “Work out twice a week”. See the subtle difference?

It’s never too late to set some goals. Make them fair to yourself and you’ll be surprised at how many you can reach within a year. Just by writing them down.