On Relationships

Once again I find myself writing this post on a flight, currently between Zürich and Stockholm. Again I find myself reflecting on the values of relationships. Like it or not, it might just be what does most for your business and I daresay, life.

This week, I am traveling to Zürich, Visby and Frankfurt and none of these business trips would have happened were it not for the relationships that I have formed.

Almost all of my business is in one way or another generated through relationships and recommendations. As such, it makes business sense to me to invest heavily in building relationships.

But that’s not why I do it. I do it because it is fun and makes life more enjoyable. This to me is the most important reason. You don’t form relationships with people just because it makes business sense, you do because it is fun and enriching.

Like it or not, relationships is how the world goes around, and the sooner you start investing heavily into making true friends you’ll see the results both professionally and personally.