On Storing Ideas for Later

Like many others, I have plenty of ideas. Every week, or even every day, there is a new idea of something smart, fun or interesting that I ought to do. Either this is for my business, for myself or as a new venture.

Had I taken action on all of these passionately in one go, I would never have gotten anything done. It’s a shame though not to have a decently organized system in place to capture the ideas. When you get one, you should have some way of capturing it so that you can refer to it later. Personally I do this with an Evernote notebook, but any way you feel comfortable with works.

The crucial aspect is to revisit these on a regular basis. Browse through your ideas and perhaps refine them slightly, maybe disregard some completely, or go ahead and action on them.

What you are after is the routine to always be storing your ideas. We all have brilliant moments, but when failing to write down our thoughts and ideas, we might loose them forever.