On The Benefits Of Appearing Busy

A while ago, I wrote about the problem of us thinking that we are always more busy than we are. Recalling this, you might be wondering why I seemingly today write the other complete opposite? The benefits can be found in business.

If you have a pretty clear calendar for the week ahead, how do you approach scheduling something with a client? Do you say “I’m pretty open this week, just pick a day and time!”? If you do (and I do this at times too), I’m sad to say you are doing it wrong.

In this case, it actually pays off to signal that you are busy. Because being busy creates the signal that you are an expert in demand. And we value people in demand.

You don’t need to lie to adopt this either. Just pick a few times a week when you are open to meeting clients and stick to them. You’ve got tons of other things to do in your week anyway, so you aren’t lying either.

Together with other techniques, this can help drive your reputation as an expert in demand, which ultimately results in people respecting you and your time more. Consciously, or unconsciously.