On The Desire to Learn

If there’s one thing that I am truly proud of, it is my love for learning new things. Yes, I am a nerd and a proud one too. In business and a professional setting, having a genuine desire to learn new things can set you ahead. Why? Because everything gets easier.

There isn’t a job out there that doesn’t involve continuous learning. When you find learning fun you will like to stay on top of your game and do it naturally, instead of forcing yourself into doing it because you realize that it’s important.

I am not saying that this needs to come naturally to you, however, I firmly believe that it is something that does you good. It is also one of the most important things I look at in hiring someone. Your current level and knowledge—whilst fine and all that—is nothing if you’re not willing to learn.

Dare I say that everything in the world keeps advancing in one way or another. Striving to improve, get better and learning is such an important mindset professionally because it shows passion, interest and most important, is a great indicator for great work.

Any day, I would pick someone who knows a little less today over someone who doesn’t show a strong willingness to learn. Do yourself a favor. If you don’t already like to learn new things—try and pick up the habit. Career wise, it is going to be one of the best things you do.

Plus, it’s just too much fun to stop…