On the Subject of Productivity

I have had an alarming development, especially in the past few months that has not just hindered my productivity, but ultimately made my health suffer too. What’s this development you ask? I have had too much of a trouble shutting off the world around me, even just for a little time, to get down and focus on getting a task done.

It is not an issue of being addicted to any type of social network, no, this is some sort of self-created fear (from many bad years). Fear of not being available, in case I miss out on something friends plan, or people talk about, that I want to be involved in. Fear of being forgotten.

The solution is ideally, very simple. I need to just try and shut off others. I used to say I was never the person who cared what others thought, or was never the person who had troubles being alone. Exceptionally enough, I have noticed that what used to be a strength, has now become a weakness. This has changed. I think it is time I get back to a healthy dose of the middle ground, because as it is, this is not helping me be productive in any area and causes me much stress and makes my health suffer too.

What’s the key point I want to share here? Not all productivity issues come out of not being able to prioritize, or not knowing how to best do things, or even lacking good systems. I have all of those. This is deeper.