Spending A Day with Glyn Dewis at his Workshop

A Composite with Steve
A Composite with Steve

This weekend I have been over in the lovely UK to catch up with my buddy Glyn Dewis, combining the visit with attending his From Concept to Print workshop. I’m sure I am no where near alone in thinking that Glyn does some seriously cool stuff. The workshop is a full day, split into a photography part and then a Photoshop part.

Myself, I was definitely most interested in the photography half since studio photography is just so darn fun and something that I don’t get to do a lot of. However, what is great about the Photoshop part (in the afternoon) is that since Photoshop is such a huge program with many ways to achieve the same technique, you always learn a lot from watching another educator teach Photoshop. Indeed, I discovered quite a few new ways of doing things that I wouldn’t have thought of.

We were joined for the day by Steve who’s just a really good guy. Great personality and great to work with. His character does also lend itself very well to shooting some more unusual shots for some fun composites. Composites were of course the whole thing about the workshop and of course, really fun to do.

The day was spent in a great studio in Wokingham (just outside London) run by Gareth Davies, another great guy (although I am a little scared for what he keeps in his locked closet…). Large place with all sorts of lights and backgrounds. If I ever need a studio in the London area, I’m sure to go to Gareth now.

Workshops, webinars…more from Glyn!

Glyn does his workshops a little now and then and you will hear about them on his blog, where he also posts photos from shoots as well as tutorials on his techniques.

Here is a scoop for you though. I have managed to get Glyn on board to do a series of webinars with Bernskiold Media so you definitely want to keep an eye out for those coming soon. Very excited about that.