Stop Wasting My Time

I’ve written before about an apparent expectations some people have about someone else doing all their work for them and how odd that is, looking at whom it is coming from in the case of my rant. Today, we have another rant following up on this theme: Stop Wasting My Time.

I never thought I would on a university level (people who are aiming for higher manager roles even!) experience people who after being told instructions two or three times, still do not seem to recall them ever hearing it.

Frankly, I could care less about this for their own sakes. If they fail to do something because they didn’t listen, that’s fine. Where it becomes problematic however, is when enough people do this so that it takes up valuable time from others who have been paying attention before.

I am studying at the university to learn, not to hear instructions being repeated time and time again. Many things compete for my time every day and this is something I could absolutely do without. Again. Stop Wasting My Time.

End of rant.