The Little Things Add Up In Business

I’ve been on a mission recently to gain much better control over the financials of my business, that is, I want to always know where my income is coming from. An easy mistake as a freelancer or business owner is to just look at the big projects and forget about the small hourly fixes.

What amazed me after having put in each months income in a big spreadsheet and segmented it in projects and hourly jobs, I found that the hourly jobs makes up between 40-50% of the company’s income in any given month. That to me is impressive and helps me find time for that and not feel obligated to rush after as many projects as possible.

Cherish the little things because they add up. On the other side of the coin, don’t forget to charge for the little things too. Even though it’s easy to say: “I’ll just take half an hour…“, don’t! Spend five of those half hours a week and add it together and look at the income figures. Over the course of a month, it’s not insignificant.

How are you doing and handling it with the little things?