Trying Pro for Custom URL Shortening Logo is one of the leaders in URL shortening

Last week I got thinking when I saw the new Adobe short URLs that they are using ( and figured that it is not a bad idea to follow on the idea of doing custom URL shortening for my company, Bernskiold Media. Whilst thinking about this, I remembered what my friend A.J. Wood did back a long time ago, specifically starting to do his own URL shortening.

Primarily this will give visitors and fans of Bernskiold Media a sense of security, because whenever they see a link shortened with the domain, they know it is solid and valid content that has been shortened by us. So just the other day I got invited to the Pro beta which I applied for. There is really only one reason why I chose them: They are really good at what they do. Plus, it does help that the service is free.

Setup was a breeze and now, all links posted from Bernskiold Learning and Bernskiold Media will all be shortened based on, just like this example here which will take you to the article I wrote on Monday on 11 Important Steps to Optimize WordPress and Increase Performance:

Tell me, do you use a custom URL shortening domain or do you just use the general ones?