Unlimited Does Not Exist


Following the Mozy price increase last week, I began thinking about one of the areas that I have always tried to tell people researching web hosting providers about. It’s the same “issue” that we are always faced with. Nothing is ever unlimited.

Mozy have realized that it is an unviable business solution to offer unlimited amount of storage for as little as $4.95 a month. To that I would really like to say, well done. Finally it is proven that this actually is not viable to do. We are probably going to see more companies following the same path relatively shortly.

They also put it very well, why they are unable to keep up an unlimited plan. As they say, it is a minority of their users who “destroy” for the rest by using up a lot of space and transferring a lot of space. I would like to spin it around saying that these people do not “destroy” for the rest because a) the rest have no need for the “unlimited” and b) they are just using what they signed up for. Unlimited storage and transfer.

It’s the same deal in the hosting industry though I hope will take a beating some day too. Nothing is unlimited, there are just other limits being imposed to make sure you can never reach unlimited, if someone by all means should be going for it anyway.

Image by sachyn from sxc.hu.