Why I Chose Basecamp for Project Management

Earlier this year I searched high and low for a project management system that would be my best friend and work well for me. I used to keep everything in OmniFocus which I use for my own tasks, but this failed miserably on projects where you are collaborating with other people. After having gone through countless of different options I settled on seriously trying Basecamp.

How did this work out? Well, it’s now several months after and it is still the tool that we use at XLD Studios. I’ll be the first to admit that Basecamp doesn’t have all of the options and features that I would like it to. But, and there is a big but, its clean layout and user friendliness is something I haven’t found so far in any other system.

You see, the kicker is that I can just invite co-workers and freelancers who will start using it without any problems. Even more importantly, I can do the same with clients. Invite them, let them follow along. Even though most will never use it themselves, they all fall in love with its looks and how easy it is for them to get an overview. Need I say that this makes for great bonus points in the client-company relationship?

The reason I’m writing this blog post at all is that many ask me which project management system I use for projects, and some are really surprised when I say Basecamp. Looks and UI can go a long way in my world.

Note: I don’t get any kickback from 37Signals at all. I’m just a happy user. Not even an affiliate link is in this post.