Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday, Firgs and I went around the expo floor hunting down some interviews and recording some video. We got some great ones and we will be sharing them as soon as I can get it edited and uploaded, which I probably will have time for this afternoon and tomorrow before I leave for home on Sunday, you see, the conference is on its final day today.

Zack Arias' Class
Zack Arias' Class

The two instructors whose classes I have been to, that really impressed me was Zack Arias and Corey Barker. A quick background, Zack is a photographer with a very good way of teaching. He knows his stuff very well and manages to balance that one hour class beautifully.

Corey, in case you didn’t know, is one of NAPP‘s in-house instructors who is a master on design effects and also 3D in Photoshop. His classes are for me a great inspiration to find new methods of working with the techniques I already know to find new approaches and styles.

Of course last night was Midnight Madness featuring jokes and craziness. I have got a few videos from there, including one with R.C Concepcion playing the guitar with one of the Photoshop World attendees. That was a killer R.C! Again, the videos will be coming as I have time to edit them together.

Alright, I better get back to video editing and some other work. I’ll be giving another update after today when the conference is over.