On Projecting Certainty and Confidence

A few weeks back I wrote a post on being strong and alone, which many of you related to and appreciated. Today, I want to address the topic of projecting confidence which is closely related.

Confidence fascinates me for many reasons, especially because you can fake it, and projecting confidence gives you so much power.

Faking confidence seems odd, but it works. All you need to do (he says like it’s easy) is to believe it yourself. There are tons of techniques, from body language (staring with the way you sit, stand and walk) to what clothes you wear and how you behave in general that causes you to believe in your faked confidence.

If you sit upright in what are called power poses, you instantly feel stronger and more confident. Fake it til’ you make it. It works.

Why would you want to fake it then in the first place? Because it is so incredibly effective. We humans respond immediately to confidence and subconsciously gives it much weight. All these signals, from body languages to behavior and clothing are weighed together.

Someone will assess you simply by the way you walk. Subconsciously. And that’s why confidence is so magical and why it fascinates me. Pick up a few of the techniques so that next time you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t really that confident, you project it anyway. Then watch the amazing results.