On Why I Run a Business

Recently it has dawned on me exactly why I decided to found my own company and run my business instead of just getting another job. What struck me, is that it really boils down to one critical thing.

I believe in changing the world. It may sound pretentious, but it is true. Where others simply say “that’s just the way it works”, I decide to question why, and if it is something that could be improved, I want to improve it.

Practically speaking, I started my own company because it was at the time the only way that I could do what I wanted. Getting the job just wasn’t a possibility then. As the years have passed, I realize that part of my success is because I question the norm.

Those who follow me on social media know that I like to call out bad practices and question illogical and unreasonable things. My goal is not to be mean to anyone (though I do understand if that’s how you view it), but to spur discussion around improvement.

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite philosophical “laws” is Hume’s Law, or the “is-ought problem”: Just because something is a certain way, doesn’t mean it ought to be.

I want to make the world a better place in the way that I can contribute. Having, broadly speaking, chosen marketing and business could then be seen as quite the paradox. It doesn’t have to be.

So when you hire either of my companies (or myself), you hire my grand plans of how great something could be. A wish to make everything function excellently.

And that’s why I take the lone road of running a business, being a public person and not backing off. Because someone needs to, and apparently, I’m one of those “someones”.