Asking For Advice And Doing It Yourself

Photo credit: Flickr

One of my everlasting topics that I keep thinking about is the subject of photographers and other creative professionals that do their (your) own websites. I’m probably not alone in spending some time thinking about this as the general consensus from the design industry is that this is bad practice. I disagree, but there is a but!

If you’re not a web designer you should definitely still be able to build your own website. The tools today make it even simpler too. There’s just one thing that I think anyone should do when venturing into a field that isn’t their comfort zone: Ask for advice!

Simple enough, there are many web designers that you can ask for advice. While many choose to do their own sites to save money, it is cost-effective to say, pay for an hours worth of consulting to get advice on how to improve your site from any standpoint.

Keep doing it yourself but don’t forget to ask for some advice because that’s a quick and cheap way of improving, isn’t it?