Back At Home

Apartment Photography

I’ve been gone for the past week in a little village on the west-coast of Sweden, enjoying the nature and relaxing a bit as well as shooting. The sunset photo below was from there as well. I’ve also got a nice little story to share regarding some photography.

Apartment Photography

I was staying in a newly built apartment which was just all awesome. The view from the balcony was superb and well… everything about it was super. What I did, being a photographer, was to check the renting company’s website if they had any photographs of the apartment—which they didn’t!

I was still going to take some photos of the house, mainly because it is a) fun and b) a good experience and practice. I also thought about sending them a link to an album on my photography website with the photographs, which I did. I think not more than an hour after I had sent the link, I got a reply asking how much five or ten of these would cost to buy, to have on the website!

I rarely ever sell any photography, so this is just a big bonus! I’m just now figuring out the price and going to mail them back with it so that they have it on Monday, with the hopes of selling ten! The photo at the top of this post, is from this shoot!