Bye Bye Spaces!

Mac OS X: Spaces
Spaces in OS X

I am a big spaces user. On my MacBook Pro which is my primary machine, I had configured a setup of six spaces where different type of applications were on each one. For example I had own spaces for: general browsing; graphic/web design and development; business, mail and to-do (productivity); writing; video and sound editing and another space which I didn’t use that much.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Apple previewed the upcoming version of OS X, dubbed Lion. In that demo they showed off mission control where they’ve consolidated Exposé, the Dashboard and Spaces into one and from the demo it sounded quite like Spaces were not going to exist in the same way as they currently do.

For me it is of course a little loss even though I wouldn’t skip the upgrade because of it however in order to start kicking myself back into the “one-space workflow”, I decided the other day to deactivate it from my account. Who knows, maybe I’ll just start using Exposé more now that my desktop is more cluttered. One thing is certain, I love the “Hide” feature of all mac apps (Command + H).