Designating Your Workspace. Separation for Better Focus

Procrastination. This is something I battle with every day. I know that I am not alone either. Student or professional. Consultant or employee. Manager or not. It is hard to stay focused when we generally want to.

I am convinced that part of the problem with productivity is that we tend to mix environments. When was the last time you lay in bed really early with your laptop for a few hours before going to bed. How easy was it to fall asleep and actually go to bed when the time came? Not so easy, right?

We can learn from this. By designating workspaces, we can achieve separation from focus areas and therefore gain better focus. Make your bed mainly a place for relaxation, not work. That way, when you go lie down in your bed, you are all about relaxing. Make your desk a place for work and try not to eat there or fall into unproductive habits.

If you, like me, both study and work, I have found much benefit in separating work and schoolwork by actually having an office for work and not doing schoolwork there. It’s the little things that help shape the day. When I’m in the office, I’m working. When I am “at home”, I don’t (as much).

My advice to you. Try it. Make home all about relaxing and make a designated work area all about work. You will feel better and less stressed, your relationships will also be better, and, you can be sure to reduce procrastination by a little bit.