jQuery Mobile for Easy Web Applications

jQuery Mobile Framework

I have been aware of the jQuery Mobile framework for quite a while but never had a good reason to try it out and mess with it and because of that, it has fallen to the back of my brain. It was good being reminded of it again by Greg Rewis this Monday since it does all sorts of cool stuff.

Basically the jQuery Mobile framework lets you create web apps for smartphones in a very quick way. It contains an optimized layout, made for touch-screen devices (Android and iOS and more). All you need to do is include the framework and using its functionality to add your own content and features. The best bit is still that you don’t need to write the same code that already exists for nice page transitions etc. Instead all you need to do is leverage this in your development. Everyone is happy!

By the way, if you’re using Dreamweaver CS5.5 (the new release from Adobe), it is a seriously awesome jQuery editor with probably the best jQuery and jQuery Mobile support in any code editor out there.