Jetpack — The New Official WordPress Plugin


The folks at WordPress released a new plugin today that aims to bring some functionality right into your hosted WordPress site. It is called Jetpack and will give you a bunch of good features through just this one plugin. The features are stats, sharing, spell/grammar checking and other very nice enhancements to your site.

I am quite intrigued about this new plugin. It works well and is simple to install and use. I feel this is perfect for a lot of people, saving much work when trying to find and install plugins.Plus, Jetpack offers just what most people need. Of course the brilliant part of it is the simplicity, which has always been WordPress’ key thing.

To be honest, it is going to be great to teach people how they now even simpler can add some extra functionality quickly and easily, and I shall definitely cover this in my upcoming webinar, “Building a WordPress Portfolio Website in 60 Minutes” on March 21.