Last Minute Gift Ideas

I’ve been working all week in the camera store where I am part-time employed. This means that time to get away and buy presents have been to say the least, limited. Therefore, in order to have all gifts ready for Christmas Eve (we celebrate here in Sweden on the eve), I’ve had to think and find some last minute gifts that I wanted to share.

iTunes Gift Card

You can always go and open up iTunes and get an iTunes gift card that you can print out. Perfect as well if you have a music lover on your list. In fact, I recommended this already in my gift guide.

It should be available in most countries and if your family member/friend has got an iPhone, this would also be perfect as it is good for all apps on the app store as well as all the music, TV shows, movies and more.

Photo Prints

If you’re a photographer or have any other fun prints laying around, just print out a photo or two and give that away. Chances might be, if you are unable to get them printed before you have to give them, that you already have a print hanging around (pun intended) that you can wrap and give away. It will be a loved present to most, whether it is a fine-art photo or just that fun pic that was taken of you and your buddy earlier in the year.

Software License

For any type of computer person, finding a software license that you can give away might be easy. Big advantage is that you get this right away, with no delay. If you are dealing with a designer, photographer, coder or general computer geek, this shouldn’t be of any problem.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon lets you buy and print a gift card instantly so that there is no waiting, which you don’t have time for if you are out in the last minute. Amazon already has most of what you want (if your country has Amazon that is) so why not give a gift card there.

Amazon Gift Card