Presenting at D2WC, Looking Good: Mobile WordPress

This week I’m over in the states, specifically in Kansas City for the D2WC conference. This morning I had my talk, Looking Good: Mobile WordPress where I talked about the different techniques of making WordPress look good on mobile devices. I also addressed some of the challenges we run into when trying to adapt a responsive design philosophy into WordPress development.

If you weren’t there and want to get access to the sessions, they should be available soon and I will let you know when. Until then, my slides and resources from my session is up on a special page, right here.

Master Collection Giveaway… Using Rock-Paper-Scissors

One night, Ben Forta told us a story about how they do giveaways in Japan. They simple play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Needless to say I was excited to try this and so was my fellow speaker James Polanco. At the end of the wrap-up and giveaways, his own giveaway spurred us all to want to give away one of the two Master Collections using what shall henceforth be known as the “Rock-Paper-Scissors method”.

I shot a video of the giveaway on my iPhone and here it is: