Using the iPhone with a Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

When Apple first demoed iOS 4 back in March (then called iPhone OS 4) I was very excited to see Bluetooth Keyboard Support listed. This is one of these things that I have wanted for a long while on the iPhone, which would enable me to do more on the iPhone in terms of productivity and writing.

Why do I want this so badly?

It is a valid question, I give you that. While I want an iPad too and expect it to be that middle device for me that saves me bringing the computer, still getting a screen larger than the iPhone’s, being able to type on the iPhone with an external keyboard is packing it full with a brand new way for us to use it.

Being in school for most of the year, I do much writing. Some days, I do bring my laptop, when I know we will be doing writing in class that we are allowed to do on computers (school computers, although all Macs, are usually taken very quickly). If you have seen my bag that I bring, you would know that it is usually filled with books I need to bring weighing me down as it is already. In all honesty, the bag I have used for almost two years broke earlier this spring because of the weight all the time. Having an iPad, or the iPhone even, saves me a lot of weight just for being able to type into a computer.

How does it work?

I picked up one of Apple’s Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards (the ones in stainless steel) just before I went on vacation to Portugal last week. I had in mind that I would do some writing whilst down there as relaxing environments usually spark some of my creativity (as it turns out, I did some writing but not as much as I had thought).

Case of point, I brought the keyboard with me as I had decided not to bring a laptop. After all, it was vacation.

The combination works incredibly well. Just turn on the keyboard, turn on bluetooth on your iPhone and within seconds you will see the keyboard listed. Just pair it and you will be able to type away on the keyboard, into the iPhone. I’ll tell you, the first time I did it, it felt very unreal.

Will I use it the way I thought?

I think so. Sure, my plan is to get an iPad sooner or later, but that may not be until next year when they get a new iteration out. I can see myself leaving the keyboard in my bag most of the time, easily picking it up when I need it for typing something in school. Of course, it is still summer holidays and I have yet to try this out for real but it feels like a solid plan. I will let you know how it goes once I start using it in school.

Have you tried out the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with an iPhone or an iPad? How do you like it? Would this be something for you to try?