Reflections on Blogging and Giving Yourself Time To Reflect

As most people, I have a blog. In fact you’re reading it right now. Truthfully, I don’t just have one blog, but I should also—in a perfect world—be blogging over on my company site. Publicity builds brands and promotes good products, as it is called, or in my case being a consultant and running a service business, promotes my knowledge.

The problem, which I am sure you are facing too, is finding the time to blog. Actually, this isn’t quite right. Often, finding the time is not the issue, even prioritizing blogging is not the issue. The issue is sitting there, trying to come up with posts, but the mind drawing a blank.

Every holiday season and summer I feel an urge to start blogging regularly again. After all, I have quite a lot of opinions that I’d like to voice. Give it a few weeks once my hectic life cuts back in and any trail of well articulated post is gone with the wind.

When thinking about this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is not about setting the bar too high nor as we have already said about finding the time. What I think the main reason for not being able to keep the blogging going is that I, and many others, don’t give ourselves the time to reflect in our everyday lives on the topics we wish to write about.

Everything is focused around our direct work and by the time we get home we are inundated with other things to get done that we rarely find ourselves able to sit down, perhaps read an industry publication and reflect. Through reflecting we do the real work, coming up with interesting new angles which can be turned into interesting blog posts.

Not being able to blog consistently and drawing blank on posts, may be simply because you are not giving yourself enough time to reflect on the topics you want to write about. I for one, will be trying (yet another time, mind you) to try and fit in reflection time as we head into yet another new year.