Rethinking My Note Strategy

SimplenoteI have never really taken the time to find a good note-taking strategy that works well for me. Now with the iPhone and especially the entrance of the iPad into my workflow last year, I feel that this piece of my workflow must be put straight.

Essentially, my need for note-taking has been quite limited for work until recently when I started a position at the University of Gothenburg. Of course, being in school, I probably write notes more than most people do, but the classroom is not tech-savy enough for me to fully be able to move to sitting there with my iPad, contra the text-sheet.

In order to solve this “issue”, I am looking at trying a new system, where I previously have tried Evernote, which hasn’t quite stuck with me. The new idea is to try out Notational Velocity on the Mac, syncing to Simplenote on iOS and through the cloud. It is nowhere the same powerhouse as Evernote is, but I only need some quick text notes.

At the same time I am very interested what you would recommend, or perhaps like to warn, me in terms of note-taking systems! What do you currently use?