Sharing the Odd Homework Bit

Frankly, out of all the homework that I process each week, little is ever worth sharing. This week is little different however, the homework set to us by our English teacher, begged to be shared. The task set was to “simply” write a poem about anything. Why is this worth sharing? I think that if I have spent some time on this poem, why not share it with you all:

The Autumn
by Erik Bernskiold

The rain pours,
the green trees are set on fire,
a fire upon which to gaze in awe,
a fire in orange. red and yellow,
a fire that does not make you mellow.

The wind gushes through the streets,
leaving all but blood red, fiery trees.
The wind grows colder as the year turns older,
I cannot help but wonder
how each year nature tears asunder.

This is the way of nature,
this is how it will be!
Lest should I ever ponder,
this little nature wonder,
let me hear nature’s word:
Come spring and all shall rejoice,
autumn will fall and with its voice,
holler to us all the lack of choice:
Hark! Next year when summer’s out of sight,
trees will again be set alight!