What am I up to?

I just realized that I haven’t been posting on the blog here for just about a month! The short reason is that I am busy with all sorts of other things and just haven’t found anything to share on here! However, as a little catching up post, here is what I am up to right now.

Bernskiold Media

In this past month, Bernskiold Media has finally gotten all business registration through and I am very proud to say that all the new things I have been working on for the now, new company, are coming along nicely. Right now, you can view the brand new website for all the course and seminar details.

The website network is going well too and with the launch of CS5, things are just busy!


And then there was the thing that is school, which I shall not bore you with for very long. All it takes is saying that it is May and that weeks are filled with tests and exams also making me a busy bee!


Finally, I invite you to come and join me at an evening seminar here in Gothenburg on May 25th at Expert Foto Götaplatsen. You will need to register in advance for the seminar which costs 495 SEK. You can find out all about it on my events page here.

For all of you worldwide viewers, don’t feel let down! I have some online seminars planned, with the first coming later in May! Stay tuned for an announcement just this week!