Twitter, Stop Shortening My Shortened Links!

TwitterI wrote a couple of entries ago about starting to use Pro for custom URL shortening for Bernskiold Media ( Starting the the good things first, it has been nothing short of an excellent experience with Pro and it is cool to use your own shortener. The only gripe I have with it is that it is just an alias and not a pure custom shortener. This means that you cannot reuse hashes that has been used with the regular What a shame!

Anyhow, the single biggest dislike that I have is not with Pro itself but with my Twitter application of choice: Twitter for Mac. A few weeks ago, Tweetie for Mac was updated and released as Twitter for Mac (following being bought by Twitter). The update is 99% positive for me, except that the app now automatically shortens links.

For most users, this is a behavior that might be positive, but it gets ridiculous when it starts shortening my already shortened links.┬áIt’s not just my custom ones either, but every short link is replaced by their own shortener.

The solution is simple of course. Post links from the web interface or just switch application. The latter is something that I don’t want to do because, as I said, I like 99% of Twitter for Mac. Using the web interface is just a pain with multiple accounts because, hey! That’s part of what I use the app for in the first place.

End of rant.