An Hour of CS5 for Designers Online Seminar

Join me in a first online webinar on the new Creative Suite 5 themed specifically for designers.

In the webinar, we are going to cover some new features in the CS5 throughout the Design Premium suite and how some of these new features can come to great use in your design projects. Instead of just looking at each feature on its own the goal is to give you ideas on how you can fit them into your own projects while I throw in my favorite new, smaller additions.

Look forward to a filled hour going from Photoshop, through Illustrator and into InDesign and the brand new FlashCatalyst, showing you a bit what you can do there after working in both Photoshop and Illustrator.


The seminar will be on May 26th at 2p.m Eastern, 8 p.m Central European, 7p.m London and 11 a.m Pacific.

Head over to the official seminar page at Bernskiold Media for the link and the stream on the 26th!