Photoshop Elements for Beginners Course

Photoshop Elements for Beginners

With the digital cameras of today, there is a big opportunity in editing your photos. This seminar is shaped so that you will learn the basics in photo editing with Photoshop Elements.

We do this course together with Expert Foto Götaplatsen, a real photo store with knowledgeable staff, in Gothenburg, in their store.

what do we cover?

During the seminar we talk a lot about using the different modules that are available in Photoshop Elements. We are not just theoretical in how to sort and how to do edits, but we finish off making some cool effects as well.

Sorting: How do you sort your photos in the best way? How does Photoshop Elements work with my existing structure? These are questions that we answer during the seminar.

Editing: The main idea with this program is to edit your photos and we spend the majority of the time talking about enhancing your images. For example, fixing exposure, correcting white balance, removing red eyes, cropping your images and a lot more. We also take a look at RAW images and the benefits they add when editing.

Effects: The fun bit is doing some effects. We look at how to make an image black and white, adding text, making frames and other good, useful effects for your images.

Saving and Sharing: None of this will do much good if you don’t save out and share your images with the world. At the end of the seminar, we go through how to properly save your images for printing, the internet, further editing or archiving. Sharing your images, is very important!

Sign-up information!

You can sign up for the seminar over at Bernskiold Media or at Expert Foto Götaplatsen. I look forward to seeing you there!