On The Little Things in Business That Impress

As I’m writing this, I just came off a call with a client where we discussed a proposal to help them with some social media marketing. Opening the proposal, the client instantly remarked on how nice it looked, and how incredibly well that online proposal looked. He wasn’t the first.

I confess. The solution that we’ve put together is pretty neat and professional. I love it. But what’s most important so do the clients. So much in fact, that they routinely comment on it.

The system itself isn’t what’s important here. It is that we have taken the time to smoothen the proposal phase, and have a clear process that we firmly believe in. We have tools in place to make it easier for all of us.

Every time a client makes this comment about how nice they find our proposal system (almost buying that system too), I am reminded about how these relatively small things continue to impress. They build a positive image of the company. They help the client feel that we are taking care of them professionally.

It doesn’t stop with a technical solution. Be it offices, branding materials, IT/tech or anything else, it all goes towards showing that you are professional. That you take your job seriously. And ultimately, that’s what you want to know when hiring somebody for a project.