Speaking About My Last 10 Years as a Businessman

As part of my University degree, I am taking three courses in German and as a part of the courses you have to give a few talks  of around 10 minutes each. Since the entire class is made up by fellow Economics and Business Administration students, I wanted to share something that would actually be useful, and talk about my experiences and lessons from the last 10 years as a (young) businessman.

Most people just do these talks because it’s necessary and to get the grade. On this occasion, I wanted to share something meaningful, something that would be worthwhile listening to. Here is a comment I was sent after the talk, a comment that makes speechless. I’m very humbled:

It felt like you should be the lecturer instead of some others. If you compare against when the CEO of the Volvo Group was here a few month ago, I thought your talk in 10 minutes gave me more than all of his in 1 hour. Thank you.

I have debated quite a bit with myself weather to make the video public or not. I’m comfortable enough with my Swedish (obviously) and English to do public videos, but in all fairness, my German includes so many grammatical errors when speaking, it’s almost comical. However, I have decided to share it with you because a) I have gotten some great, positive feedback on it and b) the teacher also enjoyed it very much and apparently wasn’t hindered by the grammar (too much).