On making continuous, “just enough” progress

One of the things that definitely does not come easy to me is doing small chunks of work on projects continuously. I would much rather sit down, be in the zone, and power through something right away and be done with it.

Someone I met once, told me that this was because I was young, and that I would realize the right ways when I am older. Looking at people, old or young, I however often see the same behavior. I refuse to subscribe to a theory that how you do things purely depends on age.

You have a lot to win to teach yourself to made continuous small progress on many projects. One of the reasons is that doing the big chunks of work at once requires you to be “in the zone”. Sure, when this happens work is nothing but pure enjoyment. But really, ask yourself. Do you spend all your weeks “in the zone”?

When you learn to do a little work all the time, you are essentially trying to lessen the impact of the days when you are not feeling up to it. You are making it easier for yourself to get started and get at least something done. As a consequence you will be overall much more productive and efficient.