On Working Weekends

Quite often you’ll find my working on weekends. Up until now I’ve more or less been forced to, juggling a full time business with full time school and university. But there are more reasons, why I have also kept doing it the past weeks when I’m “only” running the business.

First of all, let me clarify that I don’t think life revolves around working. I vocally advocate working smarter instead of working more.

Still though, weekends can be wonderful. For one, there is more peace and quiet around. There are no clients calling, little email coming in and in general just a perfect time when you can get down and really focus.

If you’re in the zone, you can easily get a few day’s worth of work done in a weekend. With that time saved, it means you can probably work a little less during the week and get more time then.

For me, for the type of work I do and the position I am in, this works beautifully. I’d rather spend a few hours on the weekend (if I am in the zone!) and compensate that with a little more time off during the week, or at some other point in time.

Working partly on weekends can ultimately mean you get more done, in a shorter time and enhance your overall life quality. I think that’s a very good thing.