Web Designers Rejoice! IE6 Is Being Counted Down!

IE6 Countdown

I was thrilled to hear about Microsoft’s brand new website. For years designers have been waiting for Internet Explorer 6 to die, enabling better websites to be build. While most of us have already gone on and stopped caring about IE6 recently, it is very nice to see that Microsoft out of all companies also wants to see their old browser dead.

Microsoft has launched a new website, which is actually pretty cool. The site is simply called “IE6 Countdown” and features a global map, showing how many per cent of different counties are using IE6. In addition to the map, the countries are color coded on how well they are doing. Microsoft is apparently considering 1% in a country to be really good, which is when the country gets marked green, currently an achievement only done by Norway and Finland, both at 0.7%. Now to get on with the mission of trying to get IE6 to die here in Sweden too. We are at 1.3% as of this writing.

Their goal is to get IE6 down to less than 1% worldwide, which is a fair goal and I am going to be the first to wish them good luck because frankly, I am tired of IE6. So join Microsoft’s attempts to kill this old browser, and let me know what you think of the site in the comments.